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At Wessex Fleet & Car Lease Special Offers we believe in giving back to the community that has given us so much. Every year we support a number of charities within Wiltshire and build solid relationships within our community to help where we can. Being based in Wilton, Salisbury we have a fair bit of involvement with Stars Appeal - The Salisbury Hospital Charity as well as Supporting our local Children's Hospice Julia's House. We support these charities all year round, every year, helping out where we can and growing are business alongside them. As well as that we also support a third charity which changes annually as a way of ensuring we are giving our thanks and appreciation to as many charities as possible. While we have our two constant charities, they are by no means the only charities that have touched our hearts and we want to be able to recognise all of them.   


As of 2018 we have a dedicated in house team that works directly with our chosen charities. Together they organise and manage the events we're taking part in to ensure we're supporting the charities to the best of our abilities. 


Over the last year we have been working with with Julia's House to support the running of their newly opened facility in Devizes, Wiltshire. Being the first dedicated children's hospice in the county, the facility is built to ensure the safety and security of its patients while they enjoy themselves in an environment built specifically to cater for their needs. The hospice is full of sensory equipment that allows children with all disabilities to just be themselves and play with other children. The charity also focuses a lot of attention on ensuring that the families of this children are well taken care of, allowing parents to get well deserved time to themselves and supplying the technology needed to allow siblings to be able to play together within the hospice. 

Having visited the hospice ourselves, we can see the amount of love, care and detail that has gone into making it the perfect place for children of all abilities to be able to grow, achieve and most importantly have fun. Our work with the charity takes on many forms, primarily we raise money within the business by holding 'Dress Down Fridays' and various other dress up days. Individuals within the business also do their own larger events to raise money, for example game marathons, skydives and event sponsoring. We can't wait to grow our business alongside Julia's House and look forward to all the different ways we can support them going forward.



With Stars Appeal being the charity that supports the running of Salisbury District Hospital, supporting them on a yearly basis is something we take very seriously. As a charity, Stars Appeal work within the hospital to ensure those who visit have the best experience possible. Proving external care, internet privileges, advanced equipment, free accomodation for family and so much more, Stars Appeal touch the lives of all those who visit the hospital ensuring that they are taken care of to the best of their ability. Each year the charity pours millions of pounds into new buildings, equipment and comforts to guarantee the best treatment is given to patients as quickly as possible and considering the work they do is completely funded by donations, they really do an astonishing job. 

Every year a team of us take part in the charities Walk for Wards event to raise money for whatever big campaign they have on at the time and this year was no different. Over the past three years as a business, we have raised over £7,000 for the charity doing these walks and every year our money has gone towards a massive progect that the charity are working on. This year, the aim is to raise 1.5 Million to be able to purchase a second MRI scanner for the hospital, allowing patients from all departments to be seen, diagnosed and treated quicker than ever before. It is campaigns like this that really make Stars Appeal special to so many people within our community and we feel proud to be a small part of the support they are given. 




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