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Whether you are new to leasing and want to find out more about how it all works, or regularly lease vehicles and are looking for more information on a particular aspect of the process you’ll find the information you need in one of our guides below. From deciding if leasing is right for you, ordering and receiving the lease car right through to arranging collection at the end of the lease we’ve got a guide to help explain the process for you. 


Are you thinking about leasing a car but want a little more information or are unsure if leasing is the right choice for you? Then take a look at this guide to find out what leases are, how they work, and if you are able to lease a vehicle. With helpful tips on all the things you’ll need to consider when taking out a lease this guide will help you decide if leasing is the smart choice for you.

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to business vehicle leasing to find out more about the business leasing options we can offer and how our process works. It also includes information on who is eligible for a business lease and other factors you’ll want to consider when opting for a lease vehicle. This guide will help you decide if a business car lease is the right choice for your company. 


Are you considering taking out a lease but are not sure if you need a maintenance package or what is even included in one? If so then take a look at our helpful guide, which explains what a maintenance package is and why you should choose a maintained lease. This guide breaks down what is and isn’t included in the maintenance package for each of our funders and other information you might find useful along with all of their contact details.

Are you coming to the end of your lease and want to know a bit more about the process? If so then take a look at this guide to see all of your options at the end of your lease and the next steps for each of them. This guide also includes information on arranging collection and the condition you will need to return the car in.


Do you have a private registration number that you want to put on your lease vehicle? If so, take a look at this guide to find out about the private number plate process and what you will need to do in order to transfer your personalised registration to the new car. This extensive guide covers what you will need to do for each of our funders and how you can get in touch with them directly to get more information about the process.  

Confused about what GAP insurance is and whether you need it? Then take a look at our easy to understand guide which explains what GAP insurance is, what it covers and why you might want to take it out. This guide also includes details on the policy that we can offer you.


Are you new to leasing and unsure or worried about the process? If so then this is the guide for you. It takes a look at the most common concerns and fears for first time leasers and explains why there’s nothing to be afraid of when leasing a car.

Want to know why you should choose Car Lease Special Offers for you next lease vehicle? Then take a look at our quick guide for the top reasons to pick us to help you find your perfect lease car, and help you through every step of the order process.


If you are concerned about your credit rating and it stopping you from being able to take out a lease then please read through our guide on leasing with poor credit. This guide looks at what a credit score is, how it is used in the leasing process and the options you have if you have a poor credit score.

Are you looking at for your first car and considering leasing? If so then you’ll want to read through our helpful guide that’s jam packed with tips for making sure that leasing is the right choice for you, as well as general advice for your first car.


Are you retired and wondering if leasing is still a good choice for you? If so then you’ll want to read this guide which looks at why leasing is still a great choice for your next vehicle as well as the other aspects you’ll want to consider.

In a world that is becoming increasingly environmentally aware, it’s little surprise that electric cars are becoming more and more popular. Are you considering an electric vehicle for your next car but are unsure on whether a fully electric or hybrid model would be best, or even if electric is the right choice? If so then take a look at this guide for a comprehensive insight at the type of electric vehicles on the market, the benefits of electric and hybrid cars and all the other factors you’ll need to consider when making your decision.


If you’ve taken a look at the above guide but still want to know more about the perks electric vehicles can offer, then please read through our in-depth exploration of all the benefits of electric cars. This guide looks at the financial and environmental benefits as well as all the reasons why it is now easier than ever to drive electric.

Have you been hearing a lot about CO2 emissions but aren’t sure on how these will affect you? If so then check out this useful guide to CO2 emissions and why they’re important for you to consider with your next lease vehicle.


Do you have a lease and want to take the car abroad? If so then check out our guide to travelling with your lease vehicle,  which will help explain all the key points you need to remember when travelling. We've also spoken to each of our funders to give you a little more information on their processes.

Are you a sole trader and unsure if leasing is the right choice for you? If so then take a look at our guide to leasing as a sole trader which looks at the benefits of leasing, and the other aspects you’ll need to consider, as well as explaining the application process for you.


If you’ve already read our Guide to Business Leasing but want some more information on the application process then this is the guide for you. It takes an in depth look at the process for you, explaining all the steps and any information you might need to provide us with.

In this guide we take a detailed look at the company car to help you decide if a company car is the right fit for you; exploring all the benefits it can offer and the costs that are included for you.


Are you unsure if a company car or a car allowance is the right option for you, or even what the difference really is? If so then take a look at this guide which looks at the pros and cons of each option and what you’ll need to consider to decide when is right for you.

This guide is designed to give you a detailed look at what company car tax is and how it could affect you. It also takes a look at how you can calculate the company car tax for any vehicle you are looking at.  


Are you unsure on what company fuel tax is and if you need to pay it? If so then this is the guide for you. Read through our thorough explanation of company fuel tax to find more about what it is and when you need to pay.

Are you considering setting up a company car scheme but want a little more information about what this involves and how to go about it? If so, then you’ll want to read our guide to running a company car scheme to find out what you'll need to do and all the factors you'll need to consider. 


If you’re considering leasing for your company’s fleet vehicles then take a few minutes and read through our useful guide to fleet car leasing, which explains the options available for you as well as the factors you will need to consider.

Do you have a business lease and need to transfer this from one business to another? If so, take a look at our guide to novation, which explains the novation process for each of our main funders.


Take a look at this guide if you want more information on transferring a personal lease from yourself to another individual. This guide is designed to explain what a transfer is and which of our funders are able to offer this on personal leases. 

If you're concerned about what happens should the leaseholder pass away then please read our guide that explains the process and breaks it down for each of our funders. 


If you couldn't find what you were looking for in one of the above guides then please get in touch here.

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