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Originally founded in 1937 to provide affordable transport to the German public. Volkswagen translates to mean the “People’s Car”. Following an initiative in 1932 to combat the domination of luxury cars, where only 1 in 50 German people could afford to own a car, Ferdinand Porsche was asked to design an affordable, small and practical vehicle.


This was the origin of the VW Beetle, or “Bug”, which saw unprecedented production and popularity levels, only reduced by the introduction of the Golf and Polo. These 2 cars have gone on to set the benchmark, and dominate, for the family hatchback.


Known for build-quality, reliability and performance, the Volkswagen family is far too huge to mention them all. There’s the award-winning Up!, Polo, Golf, Passat and Touareg; the Arteon, the new luxury family saloon; the Tiguan and T-Roc compact SUVs – with a few more models on the horizon. There is literally something for everyone in the Volkswagen catalogue.

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