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Maserati was founded in 1914 by the Maserati brothers. The eldest brother, Carlo, developed a combustion engine for motorised bicycles, which he then began to race. Carlo died of tuberculosis in 1910, aged 29. 4 of Carlo’s younger brothers, Bindo, Alfieri II (named after his elder brother, Alfieri I, who died in infancy), Ettore and Ernesto, went on to found the Maserati car make in Bologna, four years later.

Mario Maserati, a middle brother and only one to not follow Carlo into the motoring industry, used his skills as an artist and painter to design the company’s iconic trident logo; taking inspiration from the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna.

Now owned by the Fiat Chrysler Group, Maserati focuses on luxury cars – from executive saloons and grand tourers to the companies first SUV, the Levante. Click the vehicles below to tailor our current special offers to you.