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Land Rover was originally launched as a standalone vehicle in 1948, as part of the Rover Company. The “Land Rover” (later dubbed the “Land Rover Series”) was created by brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks, the Rover Company chief designer and managing director respectively. The design and build were inspired and supported by WWII U.S. Military Jeeps. The original vehicles were painted the now distinctive shades of green, due to a military surplus of aircraft paint.


In 1978, Land Rover became its own company following its massive success, having also launched the luxuriously massive Range Rover eight years before, and overshadowing of its failing parent company, the British Leyland Motor Corporation. Land Rover has a long heritage of producing some of the best off-road vehicles and is synonymous with rugged 4x4 driving capabilities. This heritage is highlighted by the brands’ production of purpose-built vehicles for the UK Armed Forces, including the well-known “Snatch Land Rovers”, and by the brand being awarded a Royal Warrant in 1951 to supply vehicles to the Royal Family – effectively making it Waitrose-on-Wheels!


With the discontinuation of the legendary Land Rover Defender, after an unprecedented 67 years in production, Land Rover’s focus has shifted to more luxurious SUVs rather than agricultural workhorses. The Land Rover range now includes the Land Rover Discovery and its smaller sibling, the Discovery Sport. The status-symbol Range Rover range now consists (in increasing size order) of the elegant entry-level Range Rover Evoque, the exquisite new Range Rover Velar, the highly coveted Range Rover Sport and their flagship; the colossal Range Rover.

All of these vehicles suffer from rapid depreciation, which makes them very popular in the contract hire and leasing market. Click the vehicle icon to tailor our current offers to your needs.