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One of the most ground-breaking and famous companies in human history; spearheaded by one of the most recognisable business leaders of the 20th Century. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903, submitting his own signature as its emblem and logo, after starting and leaving the company that would become Cadillac. Originally producing just a few cars per day by a small team; Ford famously pioneered the construction of the modern assembly line, streamlining the production of his own vehicles and also revolutionising the global manufacturing industry right up to the modern day.


Ford has produced some of the greatest and long-standing automobiles in history. It all started with the first affordable mass-production car, the Model T and its hugely popular successor, the reimagined Model A. The dynasty continues with models like the Mondeo, Focus, Cortina, Fiesta, GT, Escort, Mustang, the Transit Van (the best-selling van of all time) and the F-Series pickup truck (the best-selling vehicle in the USA since 1986, providing more revenue on its own than Coca-Cola and Nike).


The Focus, the Fiesta and the literal 1,000,000s of variations of Transit have continued into the current UK market, being some of the most popular vehicles in their respective classes. They are now joined by the micro KA, the Kuga and Edge SUVs and the reimagined popular Ranger mid-size pickup. Ford have their fingers in every aspect of motoring and remain one of the true giants of the industry. Click the vehicle icons to tailor our best offers to your needs.