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Fiat was founded in Turin by a group of Italian industrialists, led by Giovanni Agnelli, in 1899. Until the 1980s, Fiat was the largest car manufacturer in Europe and the third largest in the world. They have since grown into the biggest industrial organisation in Italy and have incorporated many other well-known car brands into their corporate partnership with Chrysler, forming the Fiat Chrysler Group.

Fiat is famous for producing stylish and affordable everyday cars – in the Punto and Panda series, but they have also produced some well-received sports car roadsters and have had a long involvement in rally racing. Fiat also has a long-standing relationship, and now ownership, of the Abarth marque, who make high-performance variants of the Fiat range.

The redesign and relaunch of the iconic Fiat 500 has dominated the younger driver and city car markets, offering a very stylish driving experience. The 500 range now includes the 500L, a compact-MPV, and the 500X, a compact-SUV. Click the vehicles below to tailor our current special offers to you.