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Originally founded in 1910 by German engineer August Horch. The company evolved to be named Audi as a way around the copyright laws prohibiting Horch from using his name again (“Horch” in German loosely translates to “Listen” in English, which is “Audi” in Latin). Audi subsequently formed part of the Auto Union, along with DKW, Wanderer and the original Horch Company, for which the now recognisable “four rings” logo was adopted for. Effectively defunct in the ‘40s-‘50s, Auto Union moved into West Germany in order to re-establish itself as a motoring manufacturer.

In the mid-1960s, Volkswagen acquired the company from Daimler-Benz and eventually relaunched the Audi name to encompass all of the Auto Union group. The brand was catapulted with the 1980 introduction of the Audi Quattro. The Quattro utilised VW’s four-wheel-drive technology from its military vehicles, to create a fiercely dominant rally car that further advanced the technology for large-scale production all-wheel-drive systems, which are now commonplace today.

Audi has grown into one of the most recognisable and desirable brands, forming one-third of the big German luxury manufacturers. Audi vehicles are synonymous with understated styling, excellent driving experience and intuitively advanced technology. The current line-up of vehicles benefits from variety: from the supermini and super affordable A1, the sporty A3, the executive A4/A5/A6/A7 and A8, the Q-branch of SUVs (rockets not available), the TT compact sports and the thoroughbred R8 sports car. With these, their enhanced S versions and the ridiculously augmented RS variants, the Audi range has something for everybody. Select the vehicle to tailor our offers to your needs.