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Alfa Romeo Leasing Options

The saying goes that you are not a true ‘petrol-head’ unless you have driven an Alfa Romeo. The car manufacturer was founded in 1910, by Alexandre Darracq of France. The original company, named just ALFA, began in Milan and was renamed to Alfa Romeo in 1915 after Nicola Romeo became the majority owner of the company.

The Italian car brand’s bizarre emblem merges 2 heraldic symbols of its home city. The left-hand side is the St. Ambrose Cross flag of Milan and on the right-hand side is the “biscione”; the emblem for the House of Visconti, the powerful family that ruled Milan in the 14th Century.

Alfa Romeo has become synonymous with motor racing, boasting the most race victories of any car brand in the world. Early superstitions also lead to the incorporation of the “quadrifoglio” (or “cloverleaf”) name and image to all of its racing cars. The name has now been adopted for Alfa Romeo’s top-level high-performance variants of its gorgeous Giulia executive saloon, and its stunning Stelvio SUV. Click the vehicles below to tailor our current special offers to you.