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Carlo Abarth was a legend in the motor racing world for several decades. His long-term love affair with fellow Italians, Fiat, has continued on with the Italian tuning house giant's current range of enhanced Fiat stable mainstays.

Adopting the symbol of Scorpio, the star sign of the company's founder and namesake, Abarth have been utilising Carlo's legacy in motor racing, to produce a long line of high-performance variants on motoring favourites.

The current line-up is fronted by Abarth's multiple renditions of the Fiat 500, the quintessentially cool 595 and the track ready 695, along with the micro-rocket roadster, the 124 Spider. All of these cars provide good value in the "bang for buck" category. High driving thrills, low leasing rentals. Click the cars below to tailor our offers to your needs.