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    With the government target for half of all new cars on the roads to be fully electric by 2030 it’s no wonder that the electric and hybrid car market is rapidly expanding. There are four different options for you to look at: Full Electric, Plug-In Hybrid, Full Hybrid and Mild Hybrid. 

  • Full Electric (EV)

    Electric vehicles produce zero emissions and run solely off an electric motor, so are  sometimes referred to as Battery Electric Vehicles. They require charging and use this energy to power the vehicle making them very cost efficient to run compared to a standard combustion engine vehicle. 

  • Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV)

    A Plug-In Hybrid is a vehicle that uses both an electric engine and a standard combustion engine to move the wheels. The difference between a Full and Plug-In Hybrid is that a Plug-In does require you to plug the car into an electricity source to charge the electric part of the engine. 

  • Full Hybrid (HEV)

    Full Hybrids are similar to Plug-Ins, with an electric and combustion engine, but you don't need to plug the vehicle into a power source. Instead the battery is charged by the combustion engine and regenerative braking, which is why they're sometimes called Self-Charging Hybrids.

  • Mild Hybrid (MHEV)

    A Mild Hybrid, also known as a battery-assisted hybrid (BAH), is a type of hybrid where the electric motor assists the combustion engine under heavy acceleration and from a standing start. It also cuts the ignition when power isn’t needed, also known as a start-stop system.

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