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Today is Saint George’s day and the legend of George and the dragon we’ve decided to round up the five cars that we think would be best for transporting a dragon.

We’ve chosen models that are suitable for transporting more traditional pets like a dog but that could also handle a small dragon if you happen to run into one.

Who was Saint George?

Before we look at our top cars for carrying your favourite mythical creature we wanted to take a look at who Saint George was and why he’s the patron saint of England.

Not a lot is known about Saint George’s youth however it is believed that he was born around 280 AD in what is now Turkey.

He was a soldier in the Roman army and rose up the ranks to eventually become a personal guard to Emperor Diocletian, who ruled from 284 to 305 AD.

St George was a devout Christian, however he lived in a time when your faith could get you killed and for him this was sadly the case. He was tortured by Emperor Diocletian in a bid to get him to deny his faith, but he remained steadfast in his belief in Christianity and so was executed on the 23rd of April 303 AD.

Perhaps one of the most famous tales of St George is his slaying of a dragon. As with most legends the specifics vary depending on which version you listen to, but it is believed that there the town of Silene was being harassed by a dragon, and in order to access the essential nearby river the inhabitants had to sacrifice first sheep and then humans, so the dragon would allow others to pass by unharmed. A sacrifice was needed daily and the person to be sacrificed was chosen by lots.

On the day that St George was visiting a princess had been chosen to be sacrificed and no other citizen was willing to take her place. St George then fought the dragon with a lance, slaying it and saving the princess as well as the rest of her town.  

Following this rescue, it’s said that the town all became Christians as a way of thanking St George for his heroism.

His martyrdom and the legendary tales of his faith are why he was made a saint by the Christian faith.

Not only is Saint George the patron saint of England but he is also the patron saint of Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Russia and Portugal. He is also revered in other religions and around the world there are number of other days that countries celebrate the legend of Saint George.

St George’s day has been celebrated in England for centuries, with great feasts, parades and his flag has become England’s national flag as a symbol of his importance to the country.

Today, Saint George is usually celebrated on the anniversary of his death, the 23rd of April, each year with parades, dancing and his flag being hung across the country.

Top Five Cars for a Dragon

Now that you know all about St George we want to take a look at the cars that you could use to transport a nicer dragon than the one he battled, or your own furry friends.

Please note that it is your responsibility as the driver to ensure any animals in your vehicle are securely harnessed or in an appropriate container / space to prevent them from distracting you whilst driving or being injured while travelling.

Take a look at our top five picks that we think would be perfect for them below.

1. Volvo V90

Volvo is a brand known for their spacious, sturdy and reliable cars so it’s little wonder they’ve made it onto our top spot.

We’ve opted for the V90 over one of the XC SUVs that the brand offers as the boot lip is much lower, making it easier for your pet to get in and out of the vehicle on their own, or with minimal support.

The V90 is the largest of the estates Volvo currently have on offer and with a boot capacity of 560 litres which extends to 1,526 when the rear seats are down there’s sure to be plenty of room for your companion to be comfortable on any journey.

Volvo also offers a range of accessories including a selection of load compartment mats to protect your vehicle from any scratches and dirt.

The V90 doesn’t make it to the top of our list just for its pet-friendly rear as it also has a great interior for the driver and any human passengers, as well as a stylish exterior.

There’s the option of rear air suspension for a better ride height and comfort, sumptuously soft leather seats and a number of assistance systems to make driving easier than ever before including cross-traffic alerts, blind-spot detection and pre-collision warning.

If you think the Volvo V90 could be a great choice for your next car or just want to see what great leasing deals we can offer on this pet-friendly model then click here

2. Skoda Superb Estate 

There are a number of great Skoda models that we could have picked for our top five pet-friendly options but the one that really stood out to us was the Skoda Superb Estate.

It offers you a massive 660 litres of space in the boot which grows to 1,950 litres when the rear seats are down so you really could fit in a dragon if you wanted to.

The boot has a wide opening and low lip which means that even the largest of dogs, or other pets, can jump in and out of the vehicle easily.

Although the Superb estate has one of the largest boots on the market this doesn’t come at the expense of passenger space and comfort. In the rear row there’s plenty of room for three adults to fit, and ample head and legroom for them and the front seats.

There’s also plenty of convenient storage cubbies throughout the car, including the boot to keep things like your dog’s lead or water bottles to keep you both hydrated.

The Superb also has soft suspension, making it a smooth drive even over bumpier roads, ensuring minimal movement for passengers of any species. Though the softer suspension does mean that the car can lean on tight corners, which is something you should be aware of when carrying pets.Skoda have made the surperb Estate

Skoda have made the Superb available in a range of economic diesel and petrol engines for you to choose from as well as a plug-in hybrid model.

To see our current leasing offers across the Superb, including the estate just click here.

3. Mercedes-Benz E Class Estate

In third place we’ve gone for the E Class Estate.

Like all Mercedes, the E Class is finished to a high standard with plenty of luxury touches, designed to give this premium brand the edge, and an even better journey for drivers. You can

Though it offers you and your pet a range of great features it’s still got the fundamentals that you look for in a pet-friendly car. Most importantly of which is boot space, at 640 litres.

The load bay is also completely flat which makes getting pets in and out very easy, and if you opt for a model with the air suspension system then this becomes even easier as you can lower the ride height of the vehicle, making the boot lip a little closer to the ground.

Want to find out more about the E Class and leasing one? Then just head over to our E Class page.

4. Land Rover Discovery 

Land Rover is a brand loved by pet owners across the UK so it’s no surprise that one has made it into our top five.

We’ve opted for the Land Rover Discovery because not only does this provide plenty of room for your four-legged friends but it also comes with seven seats so you can fit the entire family in.

If you do opt to have all seven seats in use then you will only get 258 litres in the boot, which might not be enough to take your pet on a long journey as well. However, with the rear two seats down this increases to 1,137 litres which is plenty of room. With both rear rows of passenger seats folded down you’ll get 2,406 litres which really is dragon-like proportions.

Land Rover offers a number of pet packs as well. The Pet Loadspace Protection Pack has a luggage partition, quilted loadspace liner and a spill-resistant water bowl to keep them hydrated on the go.  The Pet Transportation Pack has a foldable pet carrier, spill-resistant water bowl and a rubber mat to protect the loadspace from scratching.  The Pet Car and Access Pack has a luggage partition, quilt loadspace linter, a portable rinse system for washing them off if you’ve been on a particularly muddy adventure and an access ramp to help them get up into the Discovery’s high boot. Or if your pet prefers to be closer to you when travelling then you can opt for the Pet Rear Seat Protection Pack which includes a protective cover for the second row of seats and a spill-resistant bowl.

Think the Land Rover Discovery could be the perfect car for you and your pet? Then check out our low leasing prices for another reason to make this your next vehicle.

5. Nissan X-Trial 

The final pick for our top five dragon friendly cars is the Nissan X-Trail.

The X-Trail is an SUV that’s a great choice whether you have a pet or not as it offers a spacious and comfortable interior, with a choice of five or seven seats and all the latest mod-cons you’d expect from a new car.

It’s got a boot space of 565 litres that increases to 1,996 litres with the rear seats folded down, which is plenty of space for your pet to fit comfortably.

Like Land Rover, Nissan offers an accessory pack that you can add to the vehicle to make it more pet friendly. The Paw Pack includes a foldaway ramp, to make it easier for your pet to get in and out of the vehicle, a dog guard to prevent them moving into the passenger seats, a trunk liner to protect the floor, a super soft dog bed to ensure they’re comfortable when on the move and a seat back tidy to store their lead and any other accessories.

To see our great leasing offers on the Nissan X-Trail just click here

If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s suitable for a less ferocious animal then these five are still a great choice, especially if you’ve got a dog. Alternatively, you might want to check out our previous top five cars for dog owners which has a few different models for you to consider as well. 

Or let us know if you’ve got a different model that your pet loves in the comments below. 

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