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Vehicle manufacturers take immense pride in their work and they understand that when you sign-up for a brand new car, you expect a certain level of reliability and quality. Regardless of whether it’s a budget-friendly brand or a more prestigious luxury model you would and should still expect the various elements of the vehicle to work as they were designed to.

To show how confident they are in their engineering skills and manufacturing processes, they guarantee their work with a Manufacturer’s Warranty. If there is a fault during this period then they will fix this issue at no extra cost to yourself. The fault can be investigated and repaired at any franchised dealership, making it much more convenient for you to be repaired.

A big perk of leasing is the use of a brand new vehicle, so any new lease car will be covered under that manufacturer’s warranty.

What is Covered?

A manufacturer’s warranty will typically apply to any mechanical or electrical issue with the car, where it is a fault caused in the manufacturing of the vehicle. This usually includes issues with the engine, fuel and ignition systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, gearbox and clutch transmissions, steering and suspension.

Modern cars are closer related to computers than their predecessors, so there is an increased range of intricate connections and components involved in the running of the car.

What’s not Covered?

Anything that is expected to deteriorate due to the car being driven in normal circumstances. So, things like brake pads and tyres are normally not covered - neither are consumables like engine oil, coolant and fuel.

Additionally, faults and damage caused by driver misuse or an accident would not be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty.

How Long Does A Manufacturer’s Warranty Last?

This differs greatly between brands and sometimes even between models from the same manufacturer. However, depending on the length of the lease almost all warranties will cover your car for the majority of a lease, if not the full term. You can usually expect the warranty to last for 3 years or until the car has been driven 60,000 miles, but it’s always best to check to be certain.

If you have any questions around the different manufacturer’s and their warranties, get in touch with our team at sales@carleasespecialoffers.co.uk

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