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What is a Transfer of Lease?

If you’ve had a change in circumstances then you might not want or be able to afford your lease anymore. If this is the case then you could look at an early termination or transferring the lease to another individual.

If your lease is through a business, then you will need to look at our Guide to Novation which is the transfer of a lease from one business to another.

Please note that a business lease usually cannot be transferred to an individual or vice versa as they are two different types of contract.

Can I Transfer My Lease?

We have spoken to our house funders and most of them have advised that they are unable to offer a transfer of lease on personal contracts between individuals. The finance companies who have advised that they cannot accommodate a personal transfer include ALD, Alphabet, Arval, Lex and Wessex Fleet.

LeasePlan have advised that they may be able to accommodate a transfer of a personal lease but that they look at each of these requests on a case by case basis. Please give us a call on 03302210000 (option 2) if you lease is funded through LeasePlan and you are interested in a transfer. 

Leasys have advised that it may be possible to transfer a personal lease from one individual to another but that the person taking on the lease will need to complete an application form and go through a credit check. In order to get the form you will need to email them on contractsmanagement.uk@leasys.com and this will be sent to you. Please note Leasys advise there is a charge of £100 + VAT for any transfer of contract and each case is looked at on an individual basis. 

Hitachi have advised us that although they cannot allow a transfer from one individual to another they may be able to consider a transfer from an individual to a limited business. This would be looked at on a case by case basis and you would need to contact them directly on 03444632900 if you want to discuss this.

If your lease is funded through manufacturer finance then you will need to speak to them directly to confirm if they transfer a lease from one individual to another. We’ve included a full list of contact details below if you want to ask your funder any questions about the transfer of a lease. 

Should you have any questions about a transfer of lease or if you need to end your contract early then you can of course contact us or you can find your funder's contact details listed below. 

Contact Details:

ALD - 08000323277

Alphabet - 03700120301 

Arval - 03706004499 

Audi Financial Services - 03700102007

BMW Financial Services - 03705050150

Hitachi - 03444632900 

LeasePlan - 03444935811 

Leasys - 03445614611 

Lex Autolease - 03448796633

Mercedes-Benz Finance - 03708470700

Nissan Finance - 03330090231

Seat Financial Services - 03703334446

Skoda Financial Services - 03703334449

Renault Finance - 03330090233

Volvo Financial Services - 01926401203

Volkswagen Financial Services - 03700102022

Wessex Fleet - 01722322888 (option 3)

If you have any questions about the transfer of a lease or the leasing process in general, you can get in touch with us on 03302210000.

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